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SugarSync Review: A Perfect Solution for "On the Go" Mobile Users

SugarSync Review
Occasionally, we discover a service that truly impresses us. While we had not previously known about SugarSync, once we started reviewing its capabilities, we quickly became very pleasantly surprised and impressed. SugarSync offers a plan which is similar in price to Carbonite, yet includes many similar additional features found with SpiderOak, such as file-sync, public file sharing, and remote file access. But most interesting is their unprecedented support for mobile devices.
Upon closer review, we discovered that SugarSync has truly carved out a unique niche in one area in particular - their service is fine-tuned extremely well for the on-the-go mobile user. If you are someone who gets plenty of usage from mobile devices such as the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, or Windows Mobile, then this is the perfect solution. SugarSync not only supports automated file synchronization between your Windows and Macintosh desktops and laptops, but it is the only online backup provider we found that includes complete backup and synchronization support for mobile devices. And unlike SpiderOak and Carbonite, SugarSync offers the ability to upload and sync files directly through their online web interface. This is incredibly handy and crucial if you ever find yourself using a guest computer at a coffee shop or working on someone else's computer, and you'd like to add or update your files and have them automatically sync to all of your computers and devices.
We have to give credit where credit is due. SugarSync is a diamond of a service, offering inexpensive automatic backup services, with some very nice specialty features. The only area of our review where they were slightly penalized, was their data storage limitations (the $4.95 plan carries a 30GB limit). Our initial surveys revealed that the most important feature for users of automatic backup was the option for unlimited storage space. But if you are a user who is continually working on the go, then this is likely the best backup service for you. And they do offer upgraded plans with more storage for a slight additional charge.
2GB of FREE Storage! SugarSync is currently offering a free account that includes 2GB of backup storage space. Enjoy all the features and benefits of SugarSync for free. There is no expiration date with this free account, and no credit card is required to sign up and get started!

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SugarSync Review Results

Overall Rating
Base Price$4.95/month
Storage Limit
Supported Operating Systems
Windows, Macintosh, iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile
Max Computers Allowed
Set Up Fee
Additional Features
File Sync, Unlimited Computers, Remote File Access, Public File Sharing, Virtual Workspaces, Music & Photo Libraries, Mobile Devices Support
BBB RatingNo Complaints
2GB Free - No Time Limit
Pros: The best plan for mobile and "on-the-go" users. Most robust support for mobile devices and remote file access. 
Cons: 30GB may be too little storage space for some users (however they have additional plans with higher storage limits).

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