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SpiderOak Review: The "Kitchen Sink" of Cool Features

SpiderOak Review
Automatic backup, file synchronization, public file sharing, remote access, unlimited computers, unlimited users, unlimited historical file versions, extra fast upload, generous storage, and Windows, Mac and Linux compatibility. All we can say is - WOW!
The above features are just the beginning of a growing list of additional perks that SpiderOak offers for a low price of $10/month. While Carbonite impressed us with their dedication to simplicity, SpiderOak has impressed us with a rich set of really cool value-added features.
For $10/month, SpiderOak not only offers automatic online backup (for unlimited computers), but many, many extra bells and whistles that make this service unique. We find that the next best thing to automatic backup is the ability to synchronize files among multiple computers. SpiderOak offers the ability to synchronize files among unlimited computers regardless of whether they are running on Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems. This gives you the ability to create "shared workspaces" and provides the opportunity to update files automatically between desktops and servers. These advanced features may not be for everyone - but if you are a typical business user, SpiderOak offers a service that not only provides essential data backup, but offers many additional conveniences that take the everyday hassle out of common workplace file sharing tasks.
Even if you only need automatic backup service, SpiderOak may be right for you. Unlike most other online backup services, SpiderOak allows you to backup an unlimited number of computers. Other services charge a monthly fee for each computer.  

Additional Features Details

File Sharing: Sharing files remotely takes about 30 seconds to set up. Simply go to the "Share" tab in the SpiderOak application, create a new "Share Room" and choose from your list of backed up folders to include in your "Share Room". SpiderOak will then automatically generate a unique URL, which you can then give out to co-workers, friends, or family. Anyone visiting this URL will be able to download any of the files within your "Share Room."You can create as many Share Rooms as you want.

File Synching: Setting up file synching is also a breeze with SpiderOak. Once you install the application on multiple computers, the application on each computer becomes automatically aware of the other computers linked to your account. Then it is simply a matter of walking through a simple wizard where you create a new Sync, choose folders from multiple computers, and confirm the Sync. From then on, any file that is changed from one place gets automatically updated in all of the Synced devices. 

Remote Access: Accessing files remotely can be done through the SpiderOak website. Simply log into your account, and you have instant access to all of your backed up files. You can browse and download files at will. The only thing missing, that we thought would be nice, is the ability to upload files from the web interface. 

Additional SpiderOak Information

MyFax Review Results

Overall Rating
Base Price$10/month
Storage Limit
100 GB
Additional Stroage$10 per 100 GB
Supported Operating Systems
Windows, Mac
Maximum Computers
BBB RatingA-
Free Trial 30 days
Pros: Offers the most bells and whistles. 
Cons: Slightly more expensive than others reviewed, but with more specialty features
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