Recommended Remote Backup Services

We have reviewed and compared many of the remote backup services on the market. The ones that we feel have risen to the top are listed below. These online backup services stand above the rest of the competition in one way or another. You can view the side by side remote backup comparison, or read the individual full reviews by clicking on the links below:
  • CarboniteCarbonite - (Best overall value and our top pick)
  • SpiderOakSpiderOak - (Premium backup service with loads of extra great features)
  • SugarSyncSugarSync - (The best plan for mobile and "on-the-go" users)
  • MozyMozy - (Inexpensive business plans, including support for Exchange and SQL Server)

Which online fax service should you choose?

Here are some guidelines that will help you choose the best online fax service for you.
  • Do you need a simple backup service that offers unlimited storage at the lowest price?
    Carbonite has the lowest price and allows unlimited storage for one computer. It is extremely simple to set up and get started. Carbonite was rated as "best overall value".
  • Do you need an online backup solution that provides the most bells and whistles, such file synch, file sharing, and allows multiple computers?
     SpiderOak offers many premium and specialty features which aren't available from the other backup services.They allow you to backup from an unlimited number of computers under one account.
  • Are you a mobile user? Would you like support for mobile devices such as Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, etc?
    SugarSync supports all the mobile devices. It also offers additional features such as file synch, file sharing, and easy remote access to your files. Multiple devices are allowed under one account.
  • Do you need a simple, affordable plan for backing up all of your business computers?
    Mozy offers a great business plan which will cover all of your business backup needs under one plan. Their business plan also includes business related backup functionality for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL.
  • View the side by side comparisons of all the online backup services