Wednesday Jul 08

Mozy Review: Nice Features for Business Users

Mozy ReviewAt first glance, Mozy appears to compete very strongly with Carbonite. They offer a similar pricing structure for unlimited backup and storage. $4.95/month will get you as much storage as needed for 1 computer. However, unlike Carbonite, Mozy offers a Business plan which has a few upgraded features from their standard plan, including backup support for common Windows business applications like SQL Server and Exchange Server. The business plan also includes support for network drives, along with custom daily email alerts which report the activity of all ongoing backups.
While Mozy is a great service, we favored Carbonite's simple set up and super easy user interface. But if you are looking for a few advanced features, and a service which is tailored towards a business-class solution, Mozy offers an advanced business plan that is probably right for you.

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Mozy Review Results

Overall Rating
Base Price$4.95/month
Maximum Storage
Supported Operating Systems
Windows, Mac
Max Computer Allowd
1 with Mozy Home - Unlimited with Mozy Pro
Set Up Fee
Additional Features
BBB RatingA-
Free Trial2 GB Free - No Time Limits
Pros: Unlimited backup for 1 computer. Low Price. Additional plans and features for business users.
Cons: Not as simple to set up as Carbonite.

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