Wednesday Jul 08

Carbonite Review: Best Overall Value

Carbonite has become the Big Kahuna of online backup services. It is balanced with great features, the lowest price, and an ease of use that will have any user set up and running in minutes. Because of this overall balance of features, price and simplicity, we gave Carbonite the "Best Overall Value" rating.
Beauty in Simplicity: The thing that stands out most about Carbonite, is how easy it is to get started. Carbonite strives for simplicity in every aspect of its service. Many other online backup plans have multiple complicated pricing tiers with too many a-la-carte features - making it difficult to figure out what service to sign up for, and which features you even need. Carbonite does a great job at keeping things simple. With one price, one computer, and unlimited backup, there are no complicated service plans to understand. Simply sign up, install the application on your system, and Carbonite goes to work automatically behind the scenes. Once this is done, you won't ever need to worry about backing up your files again. 
Another thing to consider is that Carbonite is one of the first and largest of the remote backup services on the market today. Carbonite has become a highly trusted and well respected name in the industry, and the company currently holds an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau. If you are looking for simplicity, ease of use, and unlimited storage at a great price, then we highly recommend Carbonite as your choice for automated backup.

Additional Carbonite Information

Carbonite Review Results

Overall Rating
Base Price $4.58/month
Storage Limit
Supported Operating Systems Windows, Mac
Maximum Computers Allowed
Set Up Fee
BBB Rating A
FREE TRIAL 15 days
Pros: One of the largest and most trusted names in online backup services, Carbonite offers simplicity, along with unlimited storage at the lowest price. For these reasons we have given Carbonite the "Best Overall Value" rating.
Cons: None to mention